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Your Appointment

Dr. Acevedo wants you to get the most out of your visit. Preparation before your visit can help to ensure that you have the most successful visit possible. Please read the information below to ensure you bring everything you need to your appointment.

Documentation and Imaging

Have you had prior evaluation, testing, imaging, or treatment? Bringing all of the related documentation of prior evaluation(s), testing, and treatment(s) can help Dr. Acevedo diagnose you and offer you the appropriate treatment recommendations.

Things to Bring:

  • Reports from any prior operations
  • Radiology reports from prior EMG/CT/MRI studies are helpful. If you have had a prior xray, CT, and MRI study at an outside facility. The most reliable way to ensure that Dr. Acevedo will be able to view these images is to obtain a CD disc of the actual study and to bring that CD with you to your appointment to be uploaded. Dr. Acevedo always prefers to look at the actual images themselves instead of the radiology report alone.
  • A list of any medications you are currently taking


You may need to bring your insurance card, identification card, and any applicable co-pay with you the day of the visit. It is recommended that you contact your insurance company ahead of time to ensure that Dr. Acevedo is covered within your network and to determine the expected cost of the copay.

The Day Of the Appointment

First, be sure you know the time and location of your appointment. Dr. Acevedo sees patients in several locations and visiting the wrong location may cause you to miss your appointment. Second, plan to arrive 15 minutes early to allow time for parking, navigating through to check-in desk, check-in, and paperwork. Third, fill out the FIRST VISIT patient form as best you can before your appointment.

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